Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Bye Bye, Baby Weight!

I have finally, FINALLY shed my baby weight. I'm at the exact weight I was at a few days before my wedding. And yet, somehow I look NOTHING like I did back then!!

I do not recommend back-to-back-(to-back) pregnancies. I do not recommend an oops pregnancy when your eldest is only 9 months old and your body is still pretty destroyed. I definitely don't recommend these behaviours when you're in your mid-30s. Even dropping pounds can't completely reverse the effects of all that stretching, and gravity on that stretched, heavy with babies body.

So although I have lost the baby weight, I'm still not happy. I'm about four pounds away from my initial goal weight, but I don't think that four pounds is going to make the difference I'd hoped for. I have more work to do. I've significantly improved my eating habits and clearly that's working, but I need to add more fitness into my life. It's incredibly difficult to find the time for fitness in my schedule and this is something I need to work harder at.

It was my hubby's idea actually. I noticed he was eating differently and skipping certain parts of meals I made for about a week, and finally got out of him that he'd signed up for the Weight Watchers online program. I may have teased him a little, but when he explained how easy it is to follow, I decided to sign up too. It was very difficult at first - I am a short person, and the allowance of food I was given didn't feel like much at first. I was pretty hungry for the first few days, until I learned how to make better choices that still allowed me to eat. So I have him to thank for motivating me to get out of my excessive and unhealthy food rut.

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