Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Caution: Mommy cracking

I read an article recently about a study that was done and proved that a child's whining makes parents unable to make good decisions, to concentrate, and to keep cool. No kidding.

I also read a stat that on average a child whines 11 times before either giving up or getting his way. And the average parent has the capacity to hear 10 whines before giving in.

Honestly, whining has never been my Achilles heel. My kids have always just gone straight to the epic tantrum. With defcon 5 screaming, turning purple, crapping their pants, using vomit as a weapon, etc.

And this I am unable to deal with. I try, oh how I try, but I apparently have a limit of just slightly shorter than B2's tantrum stamina.

This morning he asked for some bearpaws as we got in the van. Except it wasn't snack time, and we didn't have any bearpaws. I offered him something else. I told him he could have some when we got home. No dice. He wanted them, and wanted them NOW.

I managed to make it 12 minutes with smiles and sympathy and patience. At minute 13, I snapped. "We don't have bearpaws! Stop screaming at me!! That is enough!!!"

The irony of bellowing at someone not to yell does not escape me.


  1. Oh, I hear you. I always feel SOOO guilty after I snap but seriously, enough is enough! Also, mine stops screaming for what she wants and starts to scream for Daddy instead, as if he would be able to magically apparate in the car and give her what she wants. Urgh.

  2. Part of me really doesn't feel that bad when I snap. Truly, I think they DO need to learn that people have limits and that Mommy is actually a person. Buuut it's possible that my threshold is a wee bit lower than it needs to be. I think I just need to get back to a regular yoga class again and this will be easier.