Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Play dating

Ugh, I thought I was done with the awkwardness of dating once I got married! Apparently not so. I'm currently enjoying torturing myself and obsessing over whether or not to ask this question:

"Are you Kid Friend's mom?"

Why would I feel nervous to ask that? Why would I feel compelled to ask that? Well, because Kid Friend is blond and fair as can be. Mom (?) is a visible minority. And from what I know of genetics, that isn't very possible. However, it is possible he's adopted, or is her step-kid, so assuming this woman is the nanny just feels wrong, and racist. Add to that the fact that I overheard her say goodbye and she hugged and kissed Kid Friend and said "I love you", and I'm not really sure if a nanny would do that.

So the trouble is I want to invite Kid Friend for a playdate, because B1 will not stop talking about this guy. But I really don't want to insult who might be his mother by asking this question. I SAW her with him, and I wouldn't ask if she was his mom if he had darker hair and skin. So why do I feel like asking in this case??

I just really don't want to risk offending someone who could be in our lives for a long time, if these boys grow to be friends, over such a stupid question.

Maybe I could get someone else to ask her for me or drop a hint that I'm interested. That used to work with guys sometimes when I was single.


  1. I think I would just skip asking about the parental status and just ask about the playdate. She'll either make the decision or tell you she has to check with his mom.

  2. Yes, that's about what I was thinking. Or I'll take the chicken way out and just email or call so I don't have to do a face to face!!