Thursday, November 10, 2011

Surely that doesn't mean ME?

I'm generally a pretty big rule-follower. And it bugs me when other people act like rules don't apply to them. I'm not talking about kid stuff, like kids climbing up slides or playing on playground equipment designed for kids younger than they are (although that kind of stuff irks me). Kids will be kids and I don't really think play should have all those rules enforced. Would be nice for the control freak in me, but I'm aware it's totally unrealistic.

I'm talking about adults selectively ignoring rules. That chaps my lips. Especially rules of courtesy that relate to hygiene, saftey, or spreading communicable diseases, i.e. stuff that can affect me and my kids. I'm having a grouchy day, so in no particular order, here's a list of offenses that annoy me.
  • Socks. If you go to a play place that has signage about requiring socks...WEAR bloody socks! Put socks on your kid! If you don't have any, buy some (most places that require socks also sell socks). Or don't go.
  • Stroller parking. If you're at a zoo, or a playcentre, or somewhere where it is a bad idea to bring your stroller in (this is generally obvious from there being a long line of parked strollers outside, or a sign that says something vague like "Stroller Parking"), how's about you park your stroller and don't try to wedge it where it doesn't fit.
  • Pregnant woman/family parking spots. These are a courtesy thing, not a legally enforced thing, sure. But why be so discourteous to use it if you don't really need it? And if you do use it when you aren't the designated type of user, for heaven's sake don't get all huffy and eyerolly if you have to wait for a legitimate user (say a mom with a stroller and shopping bags and two small kids, one or two of whom are probably demanding something Right Now) to get themselves loaded and unpacked and organized. If you parked beside me, and it takes me a long time to get us to a point where we are not blocking your door, that's not my fault. You could have parked anywhere else.
  • No outside food. Honestly? If you're going somewhere that sells food, don't be surprised if they aren't happy to see you bring in outside food. Most places are happy to make exceptions when necessary, but businesses don't stay in business without sales. This is not rocket science.
  • Smoking areas. I don't even think I need to say more about this. I don't object to anyone's right to smoke, but it's my right not to.
  • Sick kids sharing their germs. If your kids is barfing, being a pudding pants, or has green goo all over their noses or spewing from their mouths, they really don't need to go infect the train table at Indigo. Or anywhere else. Yeah, yeah, I get that it's inconvenient, and it sucks to have to stay home. But it sucks for everyone else too. And some kids are more delicate and what's a minor annoyance to yours can be a hospital visit for another. I can't confirm it but I think we picked up our latest stomach virus at a coffee and play place. I did not enjoy spending all night cleaning up puke and comforting my toddler. But guess what - we stayed home the next day so that someone else wouldn't have that kind of night.
That felt good.

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