Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Someone Has Been Watching Too Much Food Network

Because I think I can create things in the kitchen, when probably I can't. My husband lucks out big time tonight. He won't be home for supper, so I'm making things I know he doesn't like.

It started as a recipe I saw on Pinterest that looked yummy. But I can't be content to just replicate it, I must Improve it.

It's all things my boys like, so keeping my fingers crossed for some Yums tonight.

I made some layers, starting with sliced sweet potatoes, then black beans, corn, diced red peppers, quinoa cooked in tomato sauce, and more sliced sweet potato. I will bake it for a while, then top with tex mex shredded cheese. I may also add some more tomato sauce before the cheese if it's too dry.

I don't think it should suck. But maybe I'll just have some frozen chicken strips on standby just in case.

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