Thursday, December 1, 2011

I Don't Want Anything, Mama

No, I haven't raised a generous, truly selfless little angel. Not quite.

B1 does actually understand the concept of giving some of our things away when we don't need them anymore, and helping others where we can (he tells people he has a sister, that's our World Vision child in Brazil). And he did tell me yesterday that he doesn't want anything for Christmas this year.

But it's not nearly as noble as it sounds. It's actually kind of chickeny.

It's because I was getting the boys' letters to Santa written and ready to send away. He's been terribly indecisive about what he wants to ask Santa for, and I finally found out why. It's because he's terrified of Santa.

It's our fault. Everything was fine. He went to see the big guy at the mall last year, and he wasn't thrilled, but didn't fuss, didn't cry, didn't complain, and he wasn't even 2 1/2 at the time.

He was happy as heck when he got a video reply to his letter to Santa, from  

And then we got the fantastic idea to stage a little show at home Christmas Eve night. I was at Walmart and saw a Santa suit, so I grabbed it. My dad was in town and after we got B1 ready for bed, we heard a jingling and crept downstairs, to spy on Santa in the living room, filling our stockings. B1 got a look of horror on his face and fahreaked out.
The view from the stairs
Immediately before he turned and bolted

We have tried, and tried, and tried to explain to this boy that it was a fluke, that it almost never happens, that it will probably never happen again...but he isn't buying what we're selling. He is scared of Santa. Period. He says he MAY go see him at the mall but he isn't crazy about the idea. And he said he's going to bed early Christmas Eve just in case. (Which we are MORE than ok with.)

So this year, as I was working on the letters, and gently pressuring him to make up his mind and choose his most wished-for toy, he waffled for a while, then finally said he doesn't want anything.

He'll appreciate the fact that I rarely believe him.

But the little stinker outsmarted me yet again and quickly amended his statement to say, "From Santa. I don't want anything from Santa. I still want stuff from you and Daddy."

That's my generous, truly selfless little angel.

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