Friday, September 21, 2012

Out of the Loop

I am so out of the loop! Not Froot Loops...I do not buy those regardless of how many times the boys beg, campaign, and suggest when we're at the store. Maybe one of those cute tiny boxes for Christmas stockings, though...and that's a lovely segue into my topic du jour.

I am completely stumped as far as what to give the boys for Christmas. And there's only a few days more than 3 months to go!

This is our first Christmas as a family of four with two parents that work outside the home - maybe this is the difference? Maybe I haven't had the same time to spend browsing the web for the It Gift of the year. Maybe there isn't one? I get enough emails from retailers every day to choke a horse - but none of them have offered me the Holy Grail of Gifting yet.

We've had it pretty easy in the past few years, with big baby gear, bikes, train tables, car ramps, sleds, etc. We had nothing and needed everything. I think we may possibly have more toy inventory than some small stores and I have little desire to acquire more, plus I have no idea what to get. Even Santa has no ideas yet. And this is a problem, because I need to have ideas for the big guy, for us, and I usually get asked by lots of aunties and uncles and grandparents too. And I got nothin.

When I ask them what they want, they always say they want to go to the park or take a sport or dance class or go to the petting zoo or something like that. But somehow I doubt a 4 year old and 2 1/2 year old will be thrilled with a bunch of passes, gift cards and class enrollment receipts. I'm sure I can slip a few things like that through but they're going to want SOMETHING tangible, I'd bet.

What do YOUR kids want for Christmas?

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