Monday, September 24, 2012

So Close I Can Almost Smell It

I nearly titled this "so close I can almost "taste" it" until I realized how gross that would sound. Because I'm talking about diapers. And the thing we are so close to is saying goodbye to them!!

B2 has really been putting in an effort lately and he doesn't wear diapers at home anymore. He's even stayed diaper free on a few short outings this weekend too! Can anyone else hear those trumpets and bells and fireworks?

Only today was Monday. Which meant daycare. Which meant we didn't think it was right to put him in underwear without running it past the daycare teachers first (since it would mean a lot of extra work for them and possibly a lot of extra mess). So we put him in a diaper this morning - you'd think the diaper was lined with spikes or possibly fire ants. He was pretty clear in letting us know "NOT me a baby." And I can see that - I wouldn't be tickled either if I finally reached a milestone and then got knocked back down to the previous level. That happened in Angry Birds when I upgraded to iOS 5 and I've never forgotten it.

But the other thing is he hasn't ever had a dry day at daycare. Close - he's been averaging only about one wet diaper a day (which is all kinds of awesome!) but in a room full of littles, I don't think it's reasonable to expect that he'll be able to be 100%. And his teacher has told us that he takes it really hard when he wets a diaper, he cries and feels ashamed. So what's going to happen when he wets his undies and pants and it's a big disaster? I just don't know. Feels like I'm setting him up to fail and I feel bad about that. This is new to me - when B1 was at this stage I was still a SAHM, so I never had to deal with this.

I know he'll figure it out, but it's so hard to balance being supportive of his learning and being fair and respectful, while still getting this done. I would love it if he just had a few upsetting days, wet his pants a few times, and learned from the yucky experience to never do it again. Feels unfair to someone or another though.

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