Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Mommy and the Man Cold

Most moms I know amaze me. They can do it all. Bake and decorate cupcakes worthy of a Food Network competition, prep 8500 freezer dinners, wash allllll the clothes (and actually get all the stains out), create a from-scratch, organic, free range, GMO-free, sugar-free, gluten-free breakfast that their children actually consume, and craft a Martha Stewart-worthy holiday display using only recycled, freecycled, or upcycled materials to sell on etsy. All before 8 am. While looking thin, glamourous, and stylish. Even when they're sick.

I am really not one of this variety. Yeah, ok, I can do some of those things, maybe even more than one on a good day. I am getting better at multi-tasking and being organized and creative and having systems in place to help me be a great mom. And I have always made a point of trying to spend at least a few minutes putting on some makeup or reminding the world that I'm still a girl, even when I had two babies draining the life out of me.

But when I get sick? All bets are off. You all are on your own. If I have to do anything other than vegetate my hiney, I will whine and complain and grumble and generally make it seem like I've just piggybacked everyone to the summit of Mt. Everest. I just got over what was a fairly minor cold, and I kind of feel like I deserve a Caribbean vacation as a reward for surviving it.

The conventional joke is that men don't do sick well. So very untrue in our house. My husband is incredibly stoic and doesn't complain at all. Sometimes I don't even know he's sick until after he's better. *I* get the man colds in our family. And if anyone ever forgets that...don't worry. I'll remind you.

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