Monday, December 3, 2012

Be Right Back, I'm Just Around The Bend

Twas a few weeks before Christmas, and at the home of the Browns,
I was the only grownup for days, the husband was out of town.
As you would no doubt expect, quicker than quick
Both my children soon became rather sick.
Just the sniffles, I hope, they can still go to school
Having that hope broke every rule.
Monday morning came, and at the break of dawn
The quiet was shattered, the tears were full on.
For a minute I thought, I could just give them meds
They'll be fine until naptime, then sleep in their beds.
I could still go to work, I could still get the break
This weekend, though just two days, felt long as a snake.
But no, I can't do that, I have to stay home
Take care of my darlings, wish I was alone
On the beach, like my husband, did I mention his trip?
He went to Cabo, laid in the sun, took a dip.
While I had the joy of my two marvelous sons
Plenty of snow, holiday prep work, not very much sun.
"That's not fair" you might say. "How could he go?"
He deserved a break, it's my turn soon, this I know.
I don't begrudge him the trip, he works hard
He's a good husband, great father, takes care of the yard.
But if he tells me again soon he's trading sandals for socks
He'll find when he gets home that I've changed the locks.

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