Friday, August 2, 2013

Chronic Whyarrhea

In yet another way, I have discovered that one of my kids is almost an exact replica of me. You know those little kids who ask "why" about everything, constantly, day in and day out? I was one of those kids. So, apparently, is Boy the Younger.

We go to a daycare centre, and there was a little bat that was sleeping above the front door for a while a few weeks ago. Every day this was a huge source of questions.

"Why is Butterscotch (we named her Butterscotch) sitting up on the wall?"
"Why is she sleeping? It's morning time!"
"Why are some animals nocturnal?"
"Why is she upside down?"
"Why does she come to the same place every day?"

And now that she's stopped coming there:

"Why isn't she here anymore?"
"Why didn't she say goodbye?"
"Why can't we go find her batcave?"
"Why. Why. WHY WHY WHY?"

Now due in no small part to my own childhood chronic whyarrhea, I'm a fairly decent repository of useless trivia, so I am able to answer a lot of these questions...but even I'm running dry on some of these. And a half assed answer like "Just because" is absolutely not acceptable. He will tilt his head, raise an eyebrow, and say "That's not a real answer, Mommy." So I need to pull out my secret weapon. Google.

Seriously. I have no idea how my parents survived my own curious childhood without Google. Or duct tape. Best.Parenting.Tool.Ever. Only I am truly afraid of my browser history or what we are singlehandedly doing to search engine statistics. There is some crazy crap that we look up.

We had a chat the other day about why he asks why so much. I told him he has whyarrhea, and I laughed, and then told him that's funny because it rhymes with diarrhea. His response?

"Why do people get diarrhea?"

Sigh. Let's Google that. 

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