Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Hamster Wheel

Is it about time for my annual apology for being distracted post? I think so...

Life has been busy lately. Between family, work, classes, extracurriculars, and home renovations, there hasn't been a whole lot of time left for blogging. So sorry!!

We are all happy, healthy, and learning and growing. Busy...too busy, but that's how we learn limits, I guess. The new year is definitely going to bring some changes for us, and a realignment and reprioritization.

Boy the Elder has been loving Kindergarten, and just got an outstanding report card. He is exceeding expectations across the board, even in the areas that I was concerned about. He's making friends, and really starting to come out of his shy phase too. He's been taking kung fu and I think it's really helping his confidence. It's amazing to watch him grow. Even when he shows me a glimpse of the sullen teenager he'll be in a few more years, like this morning, when it was simply tragic that his skinny jeans weren't skinny enough.

Boy the Younger is a big shot in his preschool room at daycare now. He's up to seven girlfriends (I'm a little hurt that I'm number 7 - shouldn't I be number 1?), well on his way to the goal he's of of 16 girlfriends. He's been taking a hip hop dance class, and he is always practicing. He seems to have perfect pitch too when he sings. Also he is an amazing swimmer - he was almost skipped ahead an entire level because he's such a little fish. Still sweet and loving and sensitive, and I know it won't last much longer now that he's 3 (and 3/4!) but I'll love it as long as it lasts.

Darling Husband and I are busy, and tired, and very much looking forward to going on our next vacation. It is still a while away, but by the time it comes we're going to really deserve it!

I am loving the class I'm taking, even if it's a bigger time committment than I thought it would be.

We're working on getting our house ready to sell. We are planning to downgrade our house a little - since we always have a few projects going anyway, we figured it would be better to have a smaller mortgage. We like updating and upgrading things, so if we buy something a little uglier/older/shabbier and fix it to our specs, we will end up ahead of where we are now. The trick is now figuring out how in the world we'll get everything done and start showing our house to buyers on the timeline we mapped out?? No idea yet how that will work.

Anyway, sorry sorry sorry for neglecting Apparently I'm A Parent. It's still a very important thing for me, it's just that I am a wee bit overprogrammed at the moment.

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