Sunday, February 23, 2014

Boy the Younger's Planes birthday party

What an exciting day we had! I'm not sure how Boy the Younger could possibly be four years old already, but somehow he is...and we celebrated it up, gymnastic-style. Because the kids would be flying around Kyle Shewfelt's Gymnastics, we thought a Disney Planes theme would be good.

So - here's the party!

When we got to the gym, the kids went in with their coach (who was excellent, thank you!) and the parents got to relax on the couches in the viewing lounge and enjoy watching the kids (and the WiFi). The kids rotated through a few stations and learned how to use the equipment properly, and then got to run wild for some free play time. This place is great, there are in-floor trampolines, a foam pit, lots of springboards and mini-trampolines and bouncers, rings, bars, ropes, you name it! The kids had a blast tiring themselves out!

After a little more than an hour of running and jumping around, it was time to move into the party room, where we had some lunch and desserts. I did try to have some healthy things to balance out the sugary treats, but all the kids magically saved room for the sweets.

Skywiches - ham, turkey, cheese sandwiches

Chili baked inside dough. The kids agreed it was too spicy but the grown ups liked them!
What can I say, who doesn't like veggie straws?

The sweet table

The cake - affectionately known as "Dusty Craphopper"

To nobody's surprise, the chocolate dipped pieces disappeare first.
Blue Jello with marshmallows inside, topped with whipped cream.

After refueling, it was time for all Boy's friends to give him their gifts (and help open them). Boy was able to remember to say thank you to each child and give a big hug to his friends.

And then Boy gave his friends their thank you gift, which was a Planes collector cup with a marshmallow Dusty pop, a spinny propeller thing, and a little fruit gummy treat. And a thank you card which he insisted on signing personally.

And so, now I have no more little babies left! This is the year they both will be school-aged kids, and although I'm a little sad to be finished with cuddly nursing babies, it's so nice to have my two big boys, who can do anything and live life with fun, passion, and huge smiles!

Happy Birthday!

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