Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Mood Poisoning

Know how a few bad experiences in a day can just kind of snowball and put you in a terrible mood? I've always been pretty low on immunity to this kind of Mood Poisoning. Worst are when those bad moments happen early in the day, then my entire day can be tainted with the grumpiness.

But - I'm delighted to discover that it works the opposite way, too. And that there is an effect of magnitude and integrity. When the pathogen is particularly compelling, passionate, enthusiastic, or clearly truthful, the effects last way, way longer. 

I had the pleasure of listening to a very inspiring speaker recently, and although I already felt quite passionate about my work, this person's passion really infected me, and I've been carrying it for a week now. 

The lovely thing is it also makes me immune to the other type of communicable moods. People can't bring me down, no matter how hard they try!

  • Parent who cut me off to drive the wrong way down the daycare parking lot...gee, I'm sorry you are in such a hurry. I hope you made it to work on time!
  • Seven cars that failed to stop when my kids and I were trying to cross the street to get to the bus stop...so sorry that your bosses must all be such jerks. It must suck to have to drive like that. 
So given that I've noticed an awful lot of myself in my kids - this is my new mission - to make sure that I infect them with some Good Mood Poisioning early in their day, every day.

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