Tuesday, January 8, 2013

2012 In Review

These are 5 things I discovered this year:

  1. B1 has my heart. He is sentimental and loving. When we redecorated his room, he was honestly sad because he would miss his old room. He looks at our old dog and says "I'm going to miss him so much when dies." This is most certainly, without question, my heart in this child.

  2. B2 is also a mini me in many ways. We both take off our socks as soon as possible upon getting home. We could both gladly eat chicken strips, cheese, and chocolate shortbread every day. He makes the same funny facial expressions when he talks that I do (which is why I hate FaceTime).

  3. B2 is smarter than I ever imagined. We always knew B1 was pretty darn clever. But B2 has managed several skills earlier and easier than his brother did. I worked hard to teach B1 his ABCs and how to count, I barely spent any time with B2, and he is amazing at it. He can remember words to songs on the radio after hearing it just a few times. He potty trained himself six months younger than his brother was when he nailed it. He can already dress and undress himself and B1 couldn't at this age. B2 constantly impresses and amazes me.

  4. My husband does notice my efforts. On very busy weeks, it's easy to slip into a "poor me" mentality, and feel like I do everything, plan everything, decide everything for our family and get very little for myself in return. He is sending me away on a little Mommy break so I can relax and just press pause for a few days. He reminds me very often that I made the right choice in partners for this life.

  5. It's ok if I don't manage to do everything I see on Pinterest. I don't have to be a star at my job, expert chef, baker, cake decorator, seamstress, cleaner, crafter, student, entrepreneur, interior designer, fashionista, makeup artist, hairstylist, entertainer, time manager, creative surprise imagineer, writer, artist, or anything else. There isn't enough bandwidth in anyone's life to excel at all those things, all at once. There just isn't. And it's unfair and unrealistic to expect someone to.

  6. Getting older isn't so bad. I had a minor freakout when I realized I'm now closer to 40 than 30. And when we went to see This Is 40 and I so completely, utterly related to it. And as my youngest child weaned himself off breastfeeding, we sold or donated all our baby things, we started to plan a kid-free vacation, and I got ready to register my oldest child for kindergarten and my youngest for preschool, there were a lot of "OMG my family is really growing up." moments and it was scary and depressing sometimes. It took a pregnancy scare to make me realize that I'm ok with where our life is taking us and I don't need to go back to the baby days. This is a really fun and very awesome time for us. And it's going to get only more fun and interesting as we all grow up more.

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