Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Kind of an Askhole

It seems like my Boy The Younger's Whyarrhea hasn't improved, in fact maybe it's gotten a wee bit worse. That boy can grill me like a cheese sandwich. He is SO going to follow in my footsteps and end up working in something research-related. There's no way he'll be as good at anything else as he is at asking questions.

Of course, as he gets closer to 4 years old, his questions have really branched out and now include all five W's and a lot of H's.

In the past few days I've had to explain the following, at least sixty times each:

  1. What his choices for breakfast are, and in corollary, what they are not.
  2. Where he can put his dirty laundry, which has never changed since it became his job to look after his own dirty laundry.
  3. When we are going to go on an airplane next.
  4. How much longer until he gets to start Kindergarten.
  5. Why Mommy decided to get a different job (ok, maybe he hasn't actually asked about this, but I wanna tell them all about it!).
  6. Who Mayor Nenshi is.

It is exhausting being this boy's mother. And of course, it's been the holidays, so he's been home from daycare for 2 weeks, which gave him extra time to think about all his questions (thankfully I have not been home much, it's been Daddy's turn!).

After one particular long session, he even made a shocking self-observation: "Mommy, I ask a lot of questions." Without really thinking about it, I said "Yes, you kind of are an askhole."

I'm glad that in addition to my curiosity, he also has my sense of humour and, like me, enjoys a good curse word now and then.

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