Thursday, January 9, 2014

Boy The Elder's Star Wars Birthday Party

Well, it isn't six months late yet! Better late than never, right?

This is the Star Wars themed 5th birthday party we had for Boy the Elder this summer. We just booked a multipurpose room at our local community centre and did it all ourselves. Luckily there was lots of themed decorations available that fit just perfectly. But the food, some of the favours, and the games and entertainment were all done by us.

This sign was at the top of the stairs, leading down to the party space:

Each Padawan was given a Jedi robe (made with Intentionally Katie's no-sew pattern) to wear for the party and they chose a pool noodle light saber - very telling who chose light side and who chose dark side colours...

The party food was all set up after the Padawans played light saber balloon games for a while...which quickly devolved into beating each other with their sabers.

Eating time! And there was WAY too much food, we were eating leftover Hutt Dogs and Han Burgers for days after...

We played a few games - Light Saber Training (keeping balloons in the air with the noodle sabers)

Star Wars Bingo (got these cards from Etsy seller TrulyBillEve). It was totally more fun than it looks.

Use The Force (disc tossing game)

And the goody "bags"- a collector cup with a Han Solo Rolo (Han Solo in carbonite caramel filled chocolate, using this mold) and a Millennium Falc-Oreo (Oreo cookie inside a molded chocolate Millennium Falcon, using this mold).

And that was it! We had a really fun time, and it was the party I've personally dreamed about for around 18 years or so...

May the Force Be With You!

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